Bangladesh is a land of immense prospects and possibilities with abundance in natural resources and a skilled and efficient manpower, a blessing from the Almighty. It is our challenge to transform these possibilities into reality.

The establishment of DND-Corporation. has been a sincere and gallant effort to meet these challenges, for the further enrichment of our nation and the country. From the very first day of establishment, we have been moving forward with steady and firm steps towards progress. It has of course been an uphill battle. In defiance of all constraints, we have never looked back. Our focus is to reach prefixed targets for achieving the highest pinnacle of success.

Over the years, with perseverance and fidelity, DND Corporation now consists of  manufacturing units specialized in different (Knit, Woven & Accessories) areas.

Nevertheless, this proud success story is not the Endeavour of any single entity. The founders and the pioneers paved the way and the scores of tenacious employees joined hands to place DND Corporation on a strong foundation. I take this opportunity to extend my thanks and gratitude to all of them.

It is our firm belief that, with the cooperation of all, we will scale more peaks of success in the days to come.